The Three Enemies of Success

Who are these three Enemies of Success?

Success is the modern-day catch-word for all that is good and beneficial in our lives. We all want to be successful, yet very few people seem to achieve success. Success has been studied throughout the ages by many cultures and in many lands.

What has been found, is that it behaves to Natural Laws, … just like the Laws of Gravity and the Laws of Motion.

The Laws of Success

  1. Find something you enjoy doing. This is your goal.
  2. Learn everything you can about it. Educate yourself.
  3. Work at it every day.

Seems very simple, and it is!

The problem begins when we have No Goal. When you wake up in the morning and have No Goal for your day, you are lost. You do not know where to begin or what direction to walk towards. You are lost in the “forest of life”.

Not having a purpose or direction in life leads to indecision, your first enemy.


I wanted to begin this blog with Indecision but somehow I did not feel that this miscreant should be taken so seriously. I’m still thinking about this one. I know that I want him to be in first place but sometimes I feel that he doesn’t belong there. Yesterday I saw him as a first position qualifier, but today, I’m not so sure.

Indecision can easily qualify for the first position. This deceptive character will connive you into believing that you are not quite ready for success. Maybe I should think about this a little bit longer. Tomorrow or even next week might be a better time to get my new project started.

I don’t really have to get started right now! … but maybe I should.

I’d like to start a little later, but perhaps I should begin right away.

I can always come back here after coffee or later this evening. As you are quickly realizing, indecision is not a good companion to spend your time with. As a matter of fact, he will waste away the hours and days of your life. Time is your greatest asset. Do not let this impostor into your life.

Let’s go and talk to Fear. Let’s see what he thinks about all of this.


Fear is another great deceiver. He is the second enemy you will face today. He pretends to be your friend. He wants you to feel safe and secure. He does not want you to venture too far from your comfort zone, after all, why risk having a bad experience.

You never feel comfortable when you live in fear. It’s always dark and cold, in the recesses of your mind. You believe that this place is darker than the last place you were at. There are many shadows here and they all seem to be milling about. You don’t want to be alone. Fear has moved into your life!

Fear belongs to a large family. He has a lot of brothers and sisters. Trepidation, Terror,  Panic, Dread, Alarm, Horror, Trembling, Fright, Apprehension, and his baby brother, … Anxiety.

He always brings his family along because he just can’t go there alone. This world is not a safe place to be in.

Perhaps I should speak to Indecision.

Fear has a more subtle personality. He wants to accompany you where ever you go. He wants to take care of you. He wants to be your friend because you need someone to protect you.

There are many dangers out there, and you should not venture alone. Soon the day is almost over, and you have not accomplished much, by hanging around with these two losers.

It will soon be dark, and a lot of evil creatures will lurk in the shadows. They could attack me if I went there alone. Maybe I can wait a while because I don’t feel comfortable and I do not want to be alone.

I can bring Indecision with me, … at least, I won’t be alone.


Procrastination is a much nicer, kinder person. Whenever I hang out with him, he always leaves me waiting.

He’s always ready for a bit of action. He’s got it all figured out except for a few small details, and he’s almost ready.

I don’t want to finish this blog about Procrastination, right now!

I’m not quite ready and Procrastination is almost ready. If I just wait a while, I could do this later. Maybe I’ll do it later. If I wait a while I’ll be better prepared. I won’t wait too long. I’m almost ready now … I think!

Hey! wait a minute … I’m not ready for this and it doesn’t look very safe, perhaps I should wait for tomorrow to do this.

Can we wait a while on this one?

Can I finish my blog later?

I’ll have more time to do this tomorrow, … or next week for sure.

Final Thoughts

This is a humorous look at these three deceivers. These three villains are your greatest enemies if you have any desire to be successful.

It is impossible to get anything done when you hang around with friends like this. You must realize that they are not your friends, … they are your enemies! They are never quite sure of what they want to do, and when they decide what they want to do, they wait.

They wait because they are afraid of what could happen. As a result, not much really ever happens.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, do not hang around with these people. They are toxic. They are poisonous to all achievers. Run away from them as quickly as possible.

In Conclusion … or better yet …

A new beginning

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about these 3 dubious characters, you can hesitate to get in touch with me or you can place your comments in the space below.

Whatever you do, be careful. That is a dangerous rectangle to get caught in. Perhaps you should wait till later when you reread the blog.

Do not let these three deceivers destroy your career!

2 thoughts on “The Three Enemies of Success”

  1. Hey Paul, this was a great post man. Indecision is the biggest killer of dreams. People love the comfort of not having to risk anything in life and stick with a sure thing. But without risk, there can be no reward.

    Only those who take action can get what they truly want in life. I believe this 100 percent. We should always take action even when we are not absolutely sure of success. great post.

    • I’m happy that you enjoyed my post, Dan. 

      Indecision kills dreams before they can even begin. Indecision also prevents you from forming goals and an exact direction in life. Without a goal we are like the proverbial rudderless ship. 

      All ventures involve risk and all risk requires action. Good on you to realize this. 

      Persistent effort towards a definite goal always leads to success. 



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