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Hi and Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Warrior.

Wealthy Affiliate Warrior was created to help beginner entrepreneurs get started on the right foot.

Sometimes Fun, Sometimes Scary, This Adventure will always be Exciting and Stimulating.


My earliest memories always involve my parents. I can not remember a time when their purpose was not to educate me about the beauty and the joys of Nature and of Learning.

My Mother taught school before I was born, and this made teaching Me, her firstborn child, an easy and entertaining exercise. My Father was fascinated with Nature. Always fishing or hunting, and never far from the ocean, this provided a bounty that my Mother always turned into superb table fare.

The Atlantic Ocean will quickly capture your soul, and like many before me, I could not resist its charm and allure. My earliest memories are from when I was 2 or 3 years old. I remember being so young, that my short legs were unable to keep up with my Father as we followed the shoreline digging for clams or looking for the perfect spot to have our picnic. He would lift me up on his shoulders and I would hang onto his hair. Perched on his shoulders, I must have thought I was King of the World. Here, I could enjoy this wonderful beauty that lay before Me.

Returning home with all the exuberance and fascination of a very young boy, I would recount these storied adventures to my Mother. All of this while wolfing down some pastry and milk offered with the love only a Mother could provide. With a stomach full and a diminished energy, my Mother would then show me the pictures and tell me stories about the things that I had experienced. With eyes wide open and the undisturbed focus of a young boy, I would look at these pictures and their stories for many hours.

This was how I was introduced to the wonderful world of books.


I was always encouraged to pursue my dreams.

Through all the trials and tribulations that life can bring, I knew that with effort, persistence, and help from my friends, I could achieve most of My Goals. This philosophy has served me well. My personal success stories are many and varied.

This has produced a happy and comfortable life for me and now I would like to share my thoughts, some tips, and the benefit of my experience with you.

I’ll even try to include a few secrets.


The purpose of my website, WEALTHY AFFILIATE WARRIOR, is to help you achieve YOUR dreams.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions About Me, my early life, my mission statement, or of my many adventures, do not hesitate to leave them in the space below. I am still able to answer ALL the fine people that take the time to contact Me.

To your success.

To all the very best that you can be.

Paul Boudreau



  1. Paul what a great story! Life is full of hope and challenges. Sometime i believe in visiting the past so as to learn how to move forward in life.

    Thank you for putting it in your heart to help people succeed in life. If everybody decide to do the same the world, i mean our world would have been better.

    Keep on moving on. I learnt this one thing from your story that our success is in our hands. No one would do it for you, to you have to keep fighting on to succeed in life.



    • Thanks, John, for taking the time to read my About Me page. 

      Being blessed with great parents and lots of family and friends is one of life best treasures. Doing the best we can and speaking well about everyone can sure make life easier. These two principles are part of The Four Agreements.

      We are responsible for a lot of our successes. 

      By concentrating on what we can control, we improve our lives, and also improve the world we live. This tiny bit can do wonders and may even encourage others to do the same. 

      You have a positive attitude as well John and I look forward to hearing from you again.


  2. Hey Paul, thank you for alerting me to your new website… I need to be aware of new sharks lurking in the internet! 😀
    I am truly honored that you have launched your brand new website on my special day, although through pure coincidence and time zone factor. 😉
    Jokes aside, I am impressed by the progress you have made on the world wide web. Your enthusiasm, efforts and persistence is an inspiration to many, myself included.
    I think your mission statement is rather bold and broad… how about just narrowing it down to achieving your online dreams or building your business online?
    I love your simple style and sense of humour. You have such talent in writing and relating with people, so I am confident that you will be having many followers.

    Your fan and friend,
    ~ Sue

    • Thank you, Sue, for visiting my website.

      Even though my launch was on your birthday and is coincidental, it is none the less a very good omen for me. My enthusiasm and persistent effort are in large part, the product of your excellent coaching. Your words of encouragement are always comforting and appreciated.

      I will review my Mission Statement to see if I agree with your comments. Your sense of awareness and laser-like focus are qualities that I would be wise to master.

      I am already in the Birthday Shopping Mode.

      Thanks for being a fan and friend.

      Your friend and fan, Paul

  3. Hi Paul. Congrats on launching your website! This is no small task, and you have done an excellent job. I am working out a few bugs on my site so I wanted to alert you to a couple of buttons on your site that don’t work for me on Firefox. They are the “THE GOOD” and “THE BAD & THE UGLY” buttons. Otherwise . . . quite impressive. Keep up the good work!

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