About Me

About Me-the wealthy affiliate warrior, This is my About Me page. My early years, and how they led me to become the Wealthy Affiliate Warrior.

wealthy affiliate warrior

Good Day,                                                                                       

… I am the Wealthy Affiliate Warrior.

Wealthy Affiliate Warrior was created to help entrepreneurs,

                                                   … learn to earn.

At times fun, but often scary, … becoming an entrepreneur is only for the brave of heart, … all others need not apply.

When your day-job friends are out having fun, you will be hard at work.

This is my story

My earliest memories always include my parents, and their purpose was to educate and provide.

My mother taught school before I was born, and this made teaching me, her firstborn, an easy and fun exercise for us both.

My father was an avid fisherman and hunter. On the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean, he provided the bounty that my mother turned into superb table fare.

The Atlantic Ocean will quickly capture your soul, and like many before me, I could not resist its charm and allure. I grew up connected to the ocean.

More Hobbies

Hiking along the shoreline, digging for clams, or looking for the perfect spot to have our picnic were pleasant ways to spend my youth.

When my young legs got tired, my father would lift me up onto his shoulders and I would hang onto his hair.

Perched on his shoulders, I must have thought I was King of the World. Here I could savour the wonders of the seashore, and not struggle to keep up.

Exuberant and fascinated, I would describe these adventures to my mother, all of this while I feasted on pastry and fresh milk.

My mother would then bring out her picture-books, and elaborate on the stories that I had brought home.

This is how I was introduced to the magical world of books.

Why I created Wealthy Affiliate Warrior

I was always encouraged to pursue my dreams, and all the trials and tribulations of life, were no match when I set my sights on a goal. I knew that with persistent effort, and help from my friends, I could achieve great things.

This way of thinking has served me well, and it has brought me much personal success.

I am grateful for the happy and comfortable life, that my efforts have provided, and now I want to share my thoughts, some tips, and the benefits of my experience with you.

I’ll even try to include a few secrets.

Why I am a Warrior

If you don’t fight for what you want,

                      … don’t cry for what you lose!        – Bhagavadgita  

Wealthy Affiliate Warrior was created to help you achieve your dreams.

You can Contact Me with your comments, questions, or suggestions about my early life, my mission statement, or my varied adventures.

To your success, and to the very best that you can be!