Online Marketing for Beginners-The Easy Way to Get Started

online marketing for beginners

If I google Online Marketing Courses in Canada, where I live, by the way, … I get 1.42 billion search results in 0.50 seconds.

Is it any wonder that earning a living online is garnering so much attention.

Over 47% of the total human population has Internet access by home computer, laptop, or Smartphone.

It does not appear that this trend will be slowing down any time soon.

Almost 4 billion people are using the Internet daily to search for information, get educated, and shop for products and services.

Statistics show that in 2016, … 210 million people in the United States were online shoppers. These people browsed for products, compared prices and bought merchandise online at least once.

When these figures are projected over a 5-year period, to the year 2021, … the number of people browsing for products, reading product reviews, and buying merchandise online will easily reach well over 230 million people.

This will position the United States as one of the leading e-commerce markets.

Why are so many people shopping online?

Here are a few reasons why.

  • Amazon … Who has not heard of Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. It is the most valuable public company in the world, … bigger than Apple. It is the biggest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, its operating income in 2017 was 4.106 billion dollars US, and in 2018 it employed over 613,000 people.
  • Easy access to product reviews … If we stay with Amazon … because of its brand recognition and market penetration, we find that their product reviews are a huge benefit to shopping there. Just about every product in their inventory has been reviewed by purchasers, sometimes, hundreds of times. This creates an easy fact-checking system for the consumer. No more need to blindly make a purchase and hope that it does what it says or looks like in the picture.
  • Access to all the major brands … Similar results are available for all major and minor market brands. Many have simply copied the Amazon model.
  • Secure payment methods … Credit Card payment for online shopping is very safe thanks to ever-evolving encryption techniques in this field. Your payment methods are very safe and even though the odd breach in security does occur from time to time, these situations are almost always rectified in your favour. After all, these companies cannot afford to lose you as a customer and they do not want bad publicity. You are much safer shopping online than walking around with huge amounts of cash in your pockets.
  • Sales and discounts are introduced daily to stay ahead of trends and marketing curves.

What does this mean for you?

Today’s generation is young, vibrant, and very tech-savvy. They were born, raised, and educated with this technology and they are very comfortable using it. Not only are they at ease using the technology, but they are also very good at it.

This is creating a new way of looking at an old idea, … the market place, … the buying and selling of goods and services.

Young and old are shopping from their Smartphones, on their way to school, to work, or to hang out with their friends.

This creates a new opportunity for you that has never existed before, … the online marketer.

This is a revolutionary method of doing business. You as a beginning online marketer, can now get in on the action and earn a very lucrative income based on your efforts, … but you need the training to compete in this marketplace.

If you find the right methods of training and apply them diligently over time, the sky is the limit.

Don’t expect this to be easy. There are no over-night successes and run away from anyone who tries to sell you this bag of lies.

Why you need training?

Training for any career isn’t only important, it’s absolutely necessary. Training provides a better understanding of the skills required to perform the necessary tasks and the day to day activities of your chosen field.

Training will give you more confidence and improve your performance. Competent and motivated individuals are always at the top of their industry.

Where can you get this training in online marketing?

If you are brave and courageous you will have clicked the link above and arrived at a training school where you can learn to earn online.

This is an online marketing course that you can enter and browse for 7 full days, … absolutely free.

Yes, … you are reading this correctly. No Credit Card required.

Simply copy your email in the field provided and click to enter.

… Done and Done!

You are in! … and free to explore, ask questions about the program, and look at the actual training modules, classes, and everything else that your heart desires.

You can email me, @ my Contact Me link and I will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns that you have about Online Marketing for Beginners-The Easy Way to Get Started.

What will you learn here?

There are 2 main courses of instruction here.

1 The Online Entrepreneur Course, and

2 The Bootcamp Course.

What we teach and what you need to know to get started.

What is a niche? and why you need one.

What is a domain? and why you need one.

You will also learn about keywords and how they are used to create content.

You will learn how to build your very own website, and how to own your piece of the internet with a domain.

How to attract traffic to your site, and how this traffic, your customers, can purchase products from your website to generate revenue.

What are your main concerns about getting started?

If you hesitated to enter your email address and see what this training was about, you must have had concerns and doubts.

What were they? … let me address them, … to alleviate your fears.

I can help!

I have been here for almost 4-years now, and I am very familiar with this program, and the people that own it and keep the wheels turning.

Many members have been here much longer than I have. The owners have been around for almost 15-years and many have 10+years, under their belt.

In this Internet Age, very few people and fewer companies can make such a claim.

There will always be “haters” out there that tried the program and didn’t achieve what they had expected, I suspect that they are few and far between.

This is not an over-night success club, where you click a few buttons and then head for the beach, to spend the rest of the day.

This is an in-depth, all-inclusive, online marketing course, where you have to study hard and practice the skills required to become a successful online marketer.

Is this what you want? … Are you willing to put in the hours? … then come and join us, … you’ll be glad you did!


4 thoughts on “Online Marketing for Beginners-The Easy Way to Get Started”

  1. Hi, you hit the nail on the head. Affiliate marketing is not an overnight adventure, it takes time and is hard work. 

    I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member for 2 years now and don’t regret a second. I  don’t make enough money to relax as for now but things are on the right track.

    I love training and webinars every weekend. There’s always something new to implement and my website get’s better and better.

    Consistancy is the magic word and never give up if you want to succeed 🙂

    • Thanks, Stephan.

      You bring up many great points. I don’ t exactly where the idea of this being an easy way to get rich came up. 

      I suspect it’s from all the “snake oil” salespeople that infest the online world with their scams. 

      It makes it difficult for new students to get started. Getting started often involves a long process of dodging scams.

      Lucky for us, we were able to find Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I treat this business just like my brick and mortar business.

      All businesses need hard work, constant improvement, and persistence. Once we stay on this track, small successes begin to appear. More hard work and persistence keep us moving forward and this brings better results.


  2. Hi Paul, this was a great post, I like how you present the information, in a easy and clear way. I am myself getting into the world of online marketing, I am also using the wealthy affiliate program and I love it, there is no better program to get started into the online marketing business. I wish you luck and keep going, thank you.

    • Thanks, Jerry, for the kind words and for dropping by to read my post. 

      I’m happy that you’ve found a great place to continue your studies. Be persistent and consistent. 

      Your efforts will grow into small successes.

      You are off to a great start in 2019.



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