Did You Say 1 Million People?

One Million People, … Yes, 1 Million People!

1 Million People

Who are these 1 Million People?

After researching this phenomenon for years, I found out that these people are just regular people like you and me. They come from all walks of life. They wear white collars, blue collars, or no collar at all.

Many are geeks, some are techies and some are little old ladies from Pasadena. They are male and female, young and old, and belong to all races, cultures, and countries from all over the world.

Why are they all gathered here?

They are gathered here for a very specific purpose.

They have gathered here because they have finally decided to take control of their lives.

They have finally decided to put their foot down and said … enough is enough!

They are tired, frustrated, and disillusioned with their work world. They have worked hard for years and just can’t seem to get ahead.

They are definitely NOT tired of working. As a matter of fact, most of them could easily be classified as workaholics.

They all share this very important trait.

They all have a passion for living and they all want to better their lives for their families, their friends, and the world they live in.

They have many interests and hobbies and are never at a loss for something to do!

One million people gathered together doing one thing at any moment in time.

This is an incredible number of people. When I first read this headline, I thought that the writer had made a mistake.

Turns out, the headline was true!

1 Million People

Where are these 1 Million People Now?

Right now, most of these people are at home with their families or at home working to better their lives and make life easier for themselves and their families.

They are on their computers studying and working.

They have had enough of the long hours, the decreasing wages, and the bullying boss.

They have decided to take action.

When Did These 1 Million People Get Together?

It has taken over 10 years to gather these people together.

They are not all sitting in the same room at this moment.

They have, however, all registered to study at this Institution of Higher Learning.

They spend hours, days, and years honing their craft.

1 Million People

How Did These 1 Million People Get Here?

Getting here was the easy part. How easy was it?

I just had to click a button!

Lucky for me, I had a friend who introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate.

His name is Nathaniell, and I thank him often. He has been here over 10 years and he is one of my mentors.

This community is primarily based on a “paying-it-forward” principle. What this means is that members are rigorously encouraged to help other members.

Sounds a bit “cheesy” at first, but after you’ve been here a while you quickly realize how valuable it is to have this vast number of people willing to help you 24/7/365.

Final Thoughts

I have been studying with these people for almost 3 years. I will admit that I did not expect to stick around for this long. I get bored with uninteresting jobs, long dry courses, and unhappy people.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not always fun and interesting to be with.

I do, however, love a life of challenge and adventure.

The challenge of building a business that I can call my own is always exciting. I can say in all honesty, that there are very few dull moments.

I don’t know how long I will be here. The thought almost never crosses my mind.

I learn so much every day that I have become enthralled with this lifestyle.

1 Million People

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions to offer me about this fascinating, vibrant community, please leave them in the space below.

As a matter of fact, I challenge you to explore this vibrant platform. I challenge you to click that button and prove me wrong.

Do you have the guts to change?

Do you have the guts to conquer your fears?

4 thoughts on “Did You Say 1 Million People?”

  1. Awesome post, Paul.

    You know, I was just thinking about how much time we waste on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I mean, what if instead of playing games or posting pictures of your sandwich, instead you worked on building a future for yourself and your family? It’s a pretty powerful concept.

    Hopefully a lot of people will take this post to heart.

    • Thanks, Andy.
      There’s a lot of truth to that statement.
      We all spend a lot of wasted hours.
      We often learn these concepts much too late.
      Would be great to grab on to these early in life and to then run hard with that in mind.
      Better to learn it late than never.
      Good Luck in all your endeavors.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the great information. I was under the impression that Wealthy Affiliate has upwards of 850k members but I didn’t realize it was this high.

    Surely all of these members are not still active? I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 and I took advantage of the Black Friday offer.

    That’s something that everyone should jump all over. It really makes it all worthwhile.

    • Thanks for your visit, Craig.

      The exact number of members at Wealthy Affiliate was not stated in my blog. 

      I have said that almost 1 Million People have registered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I also went on to say that this is an incredible number of people to be interested in any Institution of Higher Learning.

      The exact number of “any” group of people is always increasing and decreasing because life is not a “constant”.

      However, It is very clear that this figure is “a very reasonable estimate” given the many followers that senior members have.

      I am still trying to find out the EXACT number of people that attended “The Million Man March” in Washington D.C., years ago!


      P.S.   This number of 850,000 people is old and by adding all the daily numbers of people that register here at Wealthy Affiliate, My numbers are very reasonable and well within the boundary of actuality!


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