Tips to Save Money Fast-the easy way

Happy Holidays

Tips to save money fast-the easy way, are practical and guaranteed to boost your savings. Simple and easy, they will increase your savings account balance.

A few days ago, we had a pleasant holiday gathering with close family friends. The meal was simple but very pleasing to the palate. We were two couples in attendance, and as usual, a good time was had by all. The young couple, recently married, is getting a fresh start on life, and we, the older, more mature couple, that has had more than a few walks around the garden of life. We have known each other for many years now, so our conversations are controlled and educational.

We gather, quite regularly, for conversation and pleasantries. During our meals and after our meals we converse on many topics and sometimes the subject turns to money and how to survive this gauntlet. The young woman in our group is a friendly, always smiling personality, who’s very easy to talk with, and I must add, that she is also a very good listener.

Easy Tips

As I was savouring my meal, she turned her focus towards me and I was expecting her to ask, “How’s your dinner?”, but she didn’t ask about my dinner, instead she said, Paul, can you give us a few tips to save money fast. I didn’t think it was a trick question, so I continued chewing to enjoy my mouthful and began crafting my answer to her question.

Each member of the group brings something intelligent to the conversation and we are long past trying to impress each other with cleverly manufactured stories and hyperbole. I knew that she wanted an answer that applied to their situation, and this is what I said.

Keep it simple.

Take 10% of everything you earn and put it in a saving account for one year!

Why 10%, she asked. I said 10% because it’s an easy number to remember, and a small amount. I continued, saying that this amount is easy to afford and not too debilitating on your total amount. Don’t use a fixed number such as 100 or 200 dollars per month because with this method you quickly lose your focus and lose track of your goal. Some months, when you struggle less financially, you are capable of saving more but when things get rough you reduce the amount. Soon, like all good resolutions, they end up in the proverbial trash bin.

My 10% rule works for all amounts and it works all the time.

Set it, … and forget it!

A Goal

A goal is something you want to achieve.

Do you have a goal? Is your goal to save money? … then please keep reading.

Without a goal, you are wandering aimlessly in the desert. Without a goal, you are a ship with no port to sail to.

In the course of our educational indoctrination, we are relieved of our ability to think for ourselves.

Once you cannot make decisions, you are left to follow anyone and everyone, or any new fad or fashion that comes along.

Soon you are wandering aimlessly about, with no direction. How can anyone move forward with such a mindset? Early in life, we are taught to believe that things are too hard and complicated for us to grasp, hence the confusion and lack of direction.

Keep things simple. You want to save money. Simple, yes.

That is your goal!

Now, you have a goal, but you need a plan to get there.

A Plan

Formulate your plan to reach your goal.

As soon as you have a goal, you can design a plan for getting there. If you have no goal, You don’t need a plan. Simply wander about aimlessly until the day you hit the proverbial wall.

Let’s make a plan. You want to save money. This is my plan for you.

Save 10% of everything you earn, … Period!

That’s it. Do not try to save impossible amounts of money when you are earning less than others are. Instead, set realistic targets. Trying to save huge amounts to impress others will not work for you. Work within your parameters.

A 10% savings amount, is a target that is very realistic and practical. Simply put 10% of every paycheck in a savings account.

If you are a bit lacking in discipline, lock-in this account for one year.


Discipline is a big scary word that often frightens people away. They believe that discipline is some type of magic dust that is only available to the super-powerful and the super-achievers.

When you have a goal and a plan, it’s easier to discipline yourself.

That’s It

If you follow this simple 10% rule, you will be very impressed with your performance at the end of one year.

You won’t be able to buy a yacht or a private jet, but you will have money in your savings account. In addition to having a definite amount, you will have strengthened your will to save.

You will double and maybe even triple your “discipline quotient”.

I also believe that you will have acquired new respect for money and its purpose in our society.

You will no longer have bad thoughts about money and you will no longer connect it with greed.

Your Thoughts

I’m interested in hearing how you save for a rainy day, and what methods work for you.

Does this sound like a method that would work for you and have you ever tried something similar?

8 thoughts on “Tips to Save Money Fast-the easy way”

  1. I think your post came at the right time – with holiday shopping being in full swing, we’ll all need some advice on how to save money. I like the idea of putting aside 10% of everything you earn and I will actually incorporate it, because it’s something that makes sense and is doable at the same time.

    Happy Holidays to you too! 😊

    • Thanks, Katja.

      I learned about this a long time ago and it does work well. It is also painless and effortless.

      We often try all kinds of crazy “mumbo-jumbo” that never results in any savings at all.

      Thanks for the holiday well-wishes.


  2. Hey Paul, Thanks for sharing tips to Save Money Fast. You article will be helpful for everyone to save their money if they are interested. I am very much interested to save some money. I try several method but not get enough success. Now I found your 10% method. I hope it will work better for me in every situation. I have to go with it now. Thank you. 


    • Parveen, thanks for reading my post.

      Simply put 10% of all your paychecks in a savings account for one year, and forget all the complicated “mumbo-jumbo”.

      You will be amazed at how easy it is to save.

      Happy Holidays.


  3. This is indeed a very simpler method with which one can save without thinking twice about it. However, I am considering that saving 10% of one’s income isn’t impressive at all (oh, you said we shouldn’t save to impress anyone). Saving 10% for one year would be 1 month salary plus 20% of it. I agree that with this, saving will not be a pain in our ass.

    But I read in a post that it is good to save before spending. I have been considering that statement for some time now because it was made by a rich man. If I want to save, I wouldn’t save less than 20%. Well, maybe because I am single by the way. It is easier to save when there are no much responsibilities.


    • Good Day, MrBiizy, and pleasant Holidays.

      This is not a be all-end all plan for everyone, but I know that it’s an excellent plan to get started on.

      Of course there are better ways of saving more money, but the reality is that very few people have any savings at all, and I’m not referring to the poor or the less privileged. 

      Statistics tell us that most “savers” are mired in debt and have no savings at all. 

      I know that this method works from personal experience. 

      It’s founded on the philosophy of paying yourself first.


  4. Hello, Paul, thank you for this informative article about saving money in a fast way. I like what you suggest saving 10% of everything, and I think it’s an easy way to save. I have opened a savings account for my daughter, and every month I deposit there about 10% of my monthly salary. In this way, when she grows up, she will have some money for her studies time. Merry Christmas. Alketa.

    • Good Day, Alketa, and Happy Holidays.

      Saving 10% of all your earnings is so easy that anyone can do it. 

      In my opinion, it’s a much better approach to saving for our futures. Trying to save a specific sum of money doesn’t always work because there are times when we struggle to make ends meet. 

      With this simple method, it’s a lot easier to remain committed and stick with the plan. 

      Happy Savings, Paul


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