Learn to Earn from Home

Here are 9 techniques that I use to Learn to Earn from Home. I offer them to you for your reading pleasure in the hope that they can help you grow your skills and refine your learning process.

They are presented in no particular order and none is required. I hope that you can benefit from them as you learn to earn from home.

I was able to glean many fine nuggets from them, and I trust that you will be able to do so as well.

1  Believe in Yourself

I have placed this one at the very top because it is the most difficult to cultivate. For some, it is a no-brainer, but many are not so fortunate and it impairs their lives to a degree that they never fully appreciate.

I had the hardest trouble with this one personally, even when others knew that I could easily accomplish the task at hand, I was not able to believe in myself enough to achieve things that were well within my capacity to do so.

The belief that you have in yourself is born from your self-esteem. Self-esteem is self-respect. Self-respect is how you feel about yourself.

Remind yourself every day, of at least one of your greatest accomplishments.

This will begin the crucial journey of belief in yourself.

Develop Strategies

People who live in constant turmoil have no strategies. A stratagem is a plan, and a plan is a way of doing things. We all need a way of doing things.

To get to school or work requires a plan. We awake, shower, have breakfast, and commute to a destination.

Awake and commute are essential to arrive at our destination. Showering and breakfast are not, because we can reach our goal without them.

They are the finer details of our plan but are also useful when you refine your plan to make the journey to your goal.

Everyone will appreciate the finer details of your plan, in this case, showering and breakfast, including you.

3  Read More

Reading is a must. It is one of the absolute necessities for acquiring a proper education. Read to acquire the knowledge, to grow and move forward in your chosen field of endeavour. Read as much as you can, and try to read every day.

Read the classics, read for entertainment, but make reading a part of your daily routine.

No excuses here!

Books can be expensive when you read a lot, however, many classic titles and other worthwhile reading material can be procured, free of charge, at local libraries, church community centers, bargain stores, and in other similar environments.

There are perhaps a few cases of success and achievement in the modern day world of people who do not or cannot read, but I cannot bring one forward to you at this time.

I do not want to imply that poor people who live in desperate circumstances and are deprived of the benefits of basic education are less worthy than people who read every day.

If you are reading this post, a good dose of gratitude may be in order, for the fact that daily life is quite good for you and some time volunteering to help others is not a bad way to spend a few hours of your precious time.

They could be a great way to share the books that you have already read and are only gathering dust on your shelves, and you might even end up with a new book in the bargain.

An easy win-win for everyone!

4  Grow your Vocabulary

Your vocabulary is the total volume of words that are contained in your brain.

This vocabulary grows as you gain experience and knowledge over time. It grows the most when we are young and when we “go to school”. It often stops growing soon after we leave school.

I wonder why! … Could it be because we stop reading?

Your vocabulary is a necessary and fundamental tool for communication and for learning new concepts.

5  Learn how to do Research

Research is a deliberate and systematic investigation into a specific subject to discover or revise facts about this subject.

Research is learning more about a subject.

Reading, observing, and experimentation, are all methods of doing research.

6  Exercise

Physical activity is to the body, what reading is to the mind.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, … was a popular expression when I was going to school. A clever disguise to get us all involved in sports and other forms of physical activity.

A healthy body is the carriage of a healthy mind. Exercise is essential to proper health.

There is no need to train like an Olympic athlete or an MMA champion to achieve good health, but basic exercise, some cardiovascular work, and even participation in sports go a long way to making your body healthier.

When you feel better, you can produce more with less effort. This eases your burden and you are also less of a burden to everyone else.

learn to earn from home

Develop a Routine

A routine is a set of chores or duties that must be done regularly or at specific times. Routines are essential for getting things done.

A routine is a fixed way of doing things.

It is an absolute must for achieving your goals and is an essential requirement of any productive day.

8  Discipline

Discipline is another hard one to cultivate. Isn’t it always the case, that the most difficult to master, are the most important as well.

Discipline is described in 2 ways in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

1) … as punishment for the sake of enforcing obedience and perfecting moral character.

2) … to train or develop by instruction and exercise, to improve self-control.

The first definition is very harsh and not the one I want to present.

The second definition is the one to focus on, and the one to use to improve your character.


Persistence is the ability to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning.

To trudge forward, in the face of all odds, is one of the most common characteristics of all accomplished achievers.

The Conclusions

This is only a partial list of what you will require to learn to earn from home.

I’m sure that you can include others to my list and I would be pleased if you did so.

You can Contact Me at your leisure to make my day a bit more meaningful.


4 thoughts on “Learn to Earn from Home”

  1. This is the most informative post for me as I have looking for ways that I can work at home and work comfortably  while doing so  earn  although I have a plan I have not been consistent with my work and that has put in a very  tight position .but with those plans you have provided I will turn the tables on my self and it will work out well

    • Nice to hear, Charles.

      Start small, with little baby steps. Work on your weaker areas more. Get a routine going first, and then start an exercise program if you’re not on one already. That’s lots for starters. Don’t try to do too much, a little bit every day soon grows to be a lot.

      Be persistent and believe in yourself.


  2. Hello Paul, your techniques are very helpful, many thanks. It is interesting to see that exercise is on the list as well, I didn’t see that coming. This is an eye opener to me, that exercise will make me feel better, and If I Feel better I will produce more with less effort. I will also implement all the rest of your techniques and I hope to achieve more.Best regards

    • Thanks, Victor.

      I am pleased that you find these techniques helpful. 

      A healthy body is easier to energize. When we feel better, we produce more. It’s hard to be productive when you are sick. 

      Strong lungs and a healthy heart are just as important to a business owner, as they are to an athlete.

      And besides, we own the teams they play on, and the leagues they play in. 

      Being in excellent physical condition is important when negotiating high-salary contracts, especially when these athletes drop the ball a lot, don’t score very many goals, or don’t even make the playoffs.

      Just a thought,



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