Bookcase Full of Books

Bookcase Full of Books

Bookcase Full of Books

I have always been a curious person, and forever fascinated with learning new things. This curiosity was instilled in me early as a child, by my parents. I was raised in comfortable poverty, not financially rich, but certainly not destitute. We always had a roof over our heads and a full stomach. One blessing that was bestowed onto my mother as she was growing up, was a love of books and learning. Lucky for me, I ended up being on the good end of this blessing. 

As a very young child, I remember the day my father brought home a newly built bookcase to contain and classify all of my mother’s books. My mother was both surprised and ecstatic. She hugged and kissed my father, and that simple event brought a tsunami of joy into our humble home. It became the talk of the house for days. She quickly gathered all the books she had and filled the bookcase full the first day, with a few armsful of books neatly placed on top. 

The following day when my father came home from work, I was sitting on the floor, in front of our new bookcase. I was looking through the pages of these books and this pleased him a lot, as I got to learn later in life. My father asked me what all those books were doing on top of the bookcase and I said that our bookcase was very beautiful and strong and it could support all those extra books on top of it. He didn’t say very much at the beginning. Then he asked me a few questions about what I was reading and soon we were called to dinner. 

I can’t remember what we had for dinner that night, but I’m sure that I gobbled it up quickly and ran back to sit on the floor, to continue looking through all of my mother’s books. My mother had an eclectic collection of books, many with pictures in bright colors, of all sorts of animals and things that I had never seen before. The number and variety of books in her collection kept me interested and fascinated throughout my childhood. Soon afterwards, a matching bookcase arrived, thanks to my father’s efforts. All of this happened long before I started going to school, and the reading habit has remained with me to this day.

The result of this effort by my parents turned me into an avid reader. I love books and I love to read. There are billions of books in the world today, in every language and every subject that you can think of, available for anyone to read. These books are the product of all human endeavor since the beginning of time. Very few things in life are given to us, or are free for the taking. Knowledge is one of these rare offerings. Through the magic of books, we all have access to the knowledge of the ages.

Take advantage of this offering.

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