The Keyword is King

The Keyword is King

the keyword is king

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or group of words, that helps search engines match a page with a relevant search query. 

They vary from singular words to complex phrases and are used in web-copy to attract organic, related search traffic.

In the context of search engine optimization, better known as SEO, it is a specific word or phrase that describes the contents of a webpage.

They are designed to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page, and they form part of a web page’s metadata.

What is metadata, you might ask?

Simply stated, metadata is data about data. It is data that describes page content to a search engine.

The proper use of targeted SEO keywords should be to inspire all page content.

Keyword integration is only the beginning of getting your content crawled by the major search engines, but its relevance to Search Engine Optimization is so important, that it is never excluded from SEO discussions and its importance to content creation.

What is a search engine?

A search engine, such as Google or Bing, is a service that offers Internet users a place to enter keywords and receive a list of web content results. These search engine results morph into websites, images, videos, and other forms of online data.

This returned list of results is referred to as search engine results pages, … also known as SERPs.

The Keyword is King

How many times have you heard that keyword lately?

Where can you find Millions of Keywords?

Where in the world, can you find millions of keywords, and not have to mortgage your house or smash your piggy bank with your favourite coffee mug?

Are you aware, that there are over 500 million new keywords searched for on Google, every day? 

How can you compete in this market with old, worn-out tools?

The answer is, … you can’t. If you want to have your content crawled by Google and Bing spiders, listen very closely.

Read my lips, … You need Jaaxy.

Without Jaaxy, you are missing out on the most powerful and all-inclusive Keyword Research Tool for content creation that anyone will offer you today.

If you can find a better Keyword Research Tool, … within the next 24 hours, … and make it available to me, for inspection,

… I will Eat these words on the 6 o’clock news! … I dare you!

The Keyword Market Reality

This is the reality of the keyword market and to properly leverage the billions of keywords out there, you need a dynamic, authoritative, keyword tool like Jaaxy, … that can “dig deep” to find the keyword, … you want!

Jaaxy will save you, your precious time, and many hours each week on all your keyword research activities.

All this extra time can be spent creating content for your website.

Jaaxy’s decisive, and efficient savoire-faire, will free more of your time to work on all the other aspects of your Internet business.

Search Engine “spiders” crawl your websites to find the keywords that users enter in their search bar, and offer these as search results to your target audience.

Is there anything more important to your business today?

Keywords are not the only metric

Billions of Keywords at your Fingertips

Did you know there are over 500 million BRAND NEW keywords searched every day in Google alone? That is the reality of the keyword market and to truly leverage the billions of keywords in existence, you need a keyword tool like Jaaxy that can “dig” as deep as you want.

Jaaxy will save you hours per week on your research activities, giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business.

Some industry pundits believe that their importance in SEO has been diminished because of their misuse, but they remain in exalted status and are held in very high esteem.

For your searching perspective, keywords in Search Engine Optimization, are the words you type or speak into a search engine, and when properly researched and optimized, they are the conduit for your target audience to find the most relevant content on your web pages.

Keywords are the oxygen that your content needs to survive!

All content creation must factor keywords into the equation.

This is why my go-to keyword research tool is and will remain, Jaaxy, … for a long time into the future.

Product Description

Product Name: Jaaxy


Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that will assist you with your keyword research. It tracks historical rankings and can monitor your website authority. It can create and manage your keyword lists.

Jaaxy uses search analysis to analyze your competition and discover Search Engine Optimization trends.

Alphabet Soup is another popular technique to find millions of keyword phrases for you to use in your content creation.

It can search and find relevant affiliate programs in your niche.

Their Brainstorming Headquarters can find trending, popular, and lucrative ideas.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

  • Site Rank, … can track historical rankings, and monitor your website authority
  • My Keyword Lists, … can create and manage your keyword lists
  • Search Analysis, … to analyze your competition and discover SEO trends
  • Alphabet Soup, … to uncover millions of niches and keywords
  • Brainstorm HQ, … to find trending, popular and lucrative ideas
  • Affiliate Programs, …. this to search and find relevant affiliate programs in your niche
  • Niche Keyword Lists, …. exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate Members only
  • Jaaxy Pro
  • Jaaxy Enterprise

Test Drive Jaaxy Now, … a non-committal free test drive, … are you brave enough?

Sign up to Jaaxy and get 30 FREE Keyword Searches.

What better way to find out what Jaaxy really is!

The Bad, and the Ugly

The only Bad and Ugly about Jaaxy is;

  • if you have no access to this keyword tool
  • if you have no Keyword Research Tool that’s called Jaaxy
  • if you do not have access to Jaaxy
  • if you do not own a version of Jaaxy, and this last one, …
  • it cannot write content for you, lol …

My thoughts on Jaaxy

No one in their right “virtual” mind will ever argue against the value of targeted keywords in your content.

They are an integral part of content creation.

Without the knowledge and proper use of keywords in your content,

                                     … you will never get that warm fuzzy feeling that lives on page 1, of Google!


I know that you have many unanswered questions about what Jaaxy is and what it can do for you.

Be brave and Contact Me, 

… so that I can show you how to put this powerful Keyword Research Tool in your toolbox.



8 thoughts on “The Keyword is King”

  1. Although I have been using keywords i never fully understood them until this article with your very simple definition that just clicks, so thank you! I do use Jaaxy and I absolutely love it. This tool is my “go to” when I cannot think of anything to write about or if I am just experiencing some writers block. Is there a start up fee? Or fees for the program overall?

    • Good Day, and thanks for reading my post, Alisha. 

      To begin, you should always be using the keyword research tool whenever to write content. Unless your content is targeting a low competition keyword, relevant to your niche, you are quite simply, not spending your time writing content, as you should. 

      There are 4 options here at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      1) As a Starter member, you have access to 30 free searches. 

      2) When you become a Premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate, you have unlimited access to Jaaxy Lite. Jaaxy Lite is included in the Premium membership. 

      3) Jaaxy Pro. 

      4) Jaaxy Enterprise. 

      Number 3 and Number 4 are “upgraded versions” that can be purchased later, for literally, pennies on the dollar. 

      Do Not underestimate the power and relevance of PROPER keyword research. 

      I hope that this addresses your concerns, and if you need further clarification, do not hesitate to get in touch with me again.


  2. Hi Paul, I must be brave since I’m asking you some questions! I have heard of Jaaxy and from what I gather it’s pretty good. What does it cost and are there different plans? Does it have any other special features? I know some keyword search tools can create lists so you don’t have to start from scratch each time. What else does it do?  And finally, does it have an affiliate program?  Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you, Melissa, for displaying the bravery to ask these questions.

      There are 4 options of Jaaxy, here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      1) When you set-up your free 1-week Starter Membership account, you get 30 free searches in Jaaxy, so that you can see how Jaaxy works and basically what it can do for you.

      2) When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member, and this I recommend highly, since I am a longtime member here, you have unlimited access to Jaaxy Lite. Jaaxy Lite is the Keyword Research Tool here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is part of the Premium Membership Program. It is included in the program, free of charge.

      3) is Jaaxy Pro, and

      4) is Jaxxy Enterprise

      Number 3 and 4 are upgrades of Jaaxy Lite that can be purchased later on when you become more experienced or so inclined. They are not required purchases.

      It has 7 main features that can help you find your website ranking, search and analyze your competition, build and save your keyword list, and a brainstorming feature to further advantage this excellent platform.

      Yes, it does have an affiliate program, and all Wealthy Affiliate members can promote Jaaxy and literally “pay their way” through school.

      P.S. It can prove to You, that You can!


  3. I get the how important keywords are and where to find them, but what doesn’t seem to ever get explained so well is where to place them and how to use them to maximise their effect.

    I also understand the low hanging fruit theory but is there any benefit from occasionally trying to grab at the fruit higher up the tree.

    • Keywords are not as complex as they are made out to be. 

      Just as in life, in any sport or profession, the basics are the place to start. 

      IMHO, your keyword should be part of your content title and included in your first and last paragraph. This should be done in a natural way that blends with your content. 

      Keyword “stuffing” is just that. It is the blatant use of keywords being “stuffed” all over your content. A quick and guaranteed death, in the SEO world.

      The low-hanging fruit theory is based on competition.

      There is nothing preventing you from shooting a few hoops with Michael Jordan or going a few rounds with Mike Tyson, but you will get your a##, handed back to you, in short order.

      It’s always better to focus on the basics in the beginning and learn how to do things properly. 

      Every great achiever starts at the bottom. No one starts at the top.

      Thanks for reading my post, Adrian.


  4. Hey Paul,

    Nice article on Keywords and Jaaxy.  Keywords are important for any online content, without keyword optimization, it’s really difficult to rank your content in the search engines.

    Jaaxy is no doubt, is one of the best keyword research tool. what I like about Jaaxy is it’s an all in one tool, just like WA – an all in one platform for online marketing.

    Jaaxy not only useful for keyword research but also for site ranking and finding affiliate programs for niches.  

    I have a question regarding keyword research – sometimes we come across keywords with fewer average searches and greater KQI, showing the result as green For e.g. 48-9-125-Great-98.  If I am not wrong 48 are monthly searches, and 125 competition, so should I go for this keyword?  As a rule of thumb, we try to find >100 average searches and <100 KQI.

    Thanks for a good read.


    • Great question, Shubhangi.

      I have asked myself this question as well. 

      When I’ve asked others, I did not get a proper answer and your question as bolstered my resolve to get the proper answer, if this is possible. 

      IMHO, I could be an “algorithmic pleasantry” that the “the machine” is playing on us. I could be wrong, and I will pursue the correct answer. 

      You can leave me a place to return with an answer, or you can return to this content and read about it on a future occasion. Thank you.


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