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Ten Things To Improve Your Productivity

Ten Things To Improve Your Productivity

Here are ten things you can do to make your life more productive. Some of these are classic and universal, others may or may not be as convenient or effective for you as they are for me.

Continue reading to discover which ones you find useful and which ones you find have the least value for your lifestyle.

#1 Wake Up Early

Easy for you to say, you haven’t been partying all night!

If you are an early riser, this is a no-brainer. You already know the value of getting up early.

Let’s say that you jump out of bed at 5:00 a.m. This gives you an extra 4 hours before the World wakes-up … at  +/- 9:00 a.m. Four (4 hours x’s 365 days) = 1460 hours, divided by 24 hours in a day = 60.83 days. This is 2 extra months of life per year!

Not always a requirement, but an easy answer for everyone who uses the … ” I don’t have the time … excuse.”

These same time periods do not apply to you if you work afternoon or graveyard shifts, but you get the idea. Simply begin earlier in your day, when you are fresh and energized.

Everyone gets 24 hours a day, regardless of whether you are male or female, rich or poor, young or old. Never use the excuse that you don’t have the time.

Reset your priorities and you will always have time to spend where it is needed most.

#2 Meditation

Clear your mind for this new day. Clearing your mind means to gather your thoughts, breathe deeply and take a moment to realize that a new day has begun. Begin with a few minutes of meditation each day. Five minutes in quiet solitude should be easy to achieve.

Too many people go through life without ever appreciating a sunrise, smelling a flower, or hearing a bird sing. Meditate, or Pray.

Clearing your mind is a very important task to perform after you have awoken your physical body. Awaken your mind. This is an opportunity to spend time with your Creator and yourself.

It is a time to reflect on yesterday as well. Are you happy with what you have accomplished yesterday? You should be, at least in part, otherwise, something in your lifestyle, needs serious re-adjustment.

#3 Exercise

Find a means to exercise your physical body. You must also have a regular period during your day to exercise. This will introduce you to a routine. All accomplishment is fostered by routine.

Your body needs exercise in the same way your mind needs exercise. If you are not doing any type of physical exercise, this will soon lead to loss of mobility, tight and stiff joints, obesity, and other such ailments that render your life more difficult to bear.

Walking is at the very top of the list when it comes to exercise. It is easy, simple, and very effective. If you don’t exercise, this is the easiest way to begin a physical training routine. It is the least expensive. Just walk to your door, open it, and go! It will never get easier than that.

#4 Cleanse Your Body

After this moderate or intense period of physical exercise, it is time to cleanse your body and prepare yourself to meet the world. Proper hygiene is linked to Good Health.

A clean and well-cared-for body is more attractive and more efficient. When we are well groomed and clean we feel good about our selves and it always gets better from there.

#5 Do Not Skip Breakfast

The worst form of poverty and suffering must be the lack of food in anyone’s daily life. I am very fortunate to have never experienced such destitute.

While there are many examples of breakfasts eaten in different parts of the world, food is also an energy provider. Do not skip this very important meal. If you are not having breakfast now on a regular basis, consider this very important meal.

Start with a small breakfast and soon you will be leaving the house with a full stomach. No, you won’t gain a lot of weight. This satisfied feeling will help you resist all the “junk” food that makes you fat and unhealthy.

Your focus and concentration will improve because you will not have to deal “thoughts of food swimming around in your head” all day long.

#6 Work

Work is what you do to earn a living. Work is the act of applying effort to a task. Work isn’t always pushing “your rock” up a hill like Sisyphus. Work refers to things you must do in exchange for other things, like goods and services.

Learn to apply yourself to a task. Like any effort, begin small and slowly. Add a little more effort and time, every day, and soon you will be applying effort to task with pleasure.

#7 Education

To be productive we must know and understand what we are doing, and we must learn how to perform an extensive array of tasks during the course of a day and in our daily lives. This is learning. Education is about learning.

Whether you are studying in a formal setting or have chosen to study on your own, this is a process that you must continue your entire life. Having great teachers and mentors will always be beneficial to this purpose.

This formal education has to be supplemented with Reading! Lots and lots of reading. Schedule an amount of time, every day, for reading.

This is the food for your mind. This will train your mind to think and find solutions to your problems.

All great readers need and have extensive vocabularies. Learn a new word every day. Then you will begin to understand the texts that you read and learning will be a lot more fun.

#8 Have a Hobby

Hobbies are the “fun” things we do with our time. They are the opposite of what we call work. If you can turn your hobby into work, bonus points for you.

You are now spending the greater part of your day doing something you love. The problem with this concept is that you no longer have any hobbies.

So get out there and find yourself a new hobby.


#9 Family

I have placed the Family near the end of my list only because we usually get home to our families at the end of the day. Parents often work away from the home and children often attend school, and therefore the family unit usually comes together in the late afternoon and early evening.

Learn to value this time period. Children grow up quickly, leave for university or work and yesterday’s precious moments are soon a memory. Take this time to establish control over your life so that you may pass this skill to your children.

Families are comprised of, grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles. Families also include the people we work with, the people play with, and the people we pray with.

One of the highest and most noble forms of success in life must include the family. If you are fortunate enough to acquire great sums of money and other such material wealth, you will not be complete unless you can share this with your family.

If you are fortunate enough to have parents, be patient with them, try to understand them, and remember that what they gave you was probably the best they had.

Be grateful for their effort. One day you may become a parent.

# 10 Bedtime and Rest

Bedtime is the final rest period at the end of your day. Rest is the time we require to recuperate. No one can run forever without stopping to rest. No engine can continue to run without stopping to refuel.

Bedtime is not nap-time. It is not the coffee breaks or naps we take throughout the day.

Take a shower, take a bath, find a quiet, dark and comfortable place to sleep for +/- 8 hours. This time will vary for everyone, but it should be regular and sufficient.

In Conclusion

All of these activities have served me well to maintain a healthy and sound, body and mind. My family and my spirituality supplement this effort and together, these exercises produce and support an interesting and challenging lifestyle.

This is not to say that I have found the “perfect solution” to all of life’s trials and tribulations, but it is, however, a good routine for me.

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, about these activities, or others that could improve your productivity, please do not hesitate to include them in your comments.












20 thoughts on “Ten Things To Improve Your Productivity”

  1. Informative article on how to improve your productivity, all the tips you share do make much sense to improve our productivity.

    Many times we use things such as time as an excuse for not getting as much done, you have proved if we really want to get things done it is quite possible simply by changing our daily routine.

    • Thanks, Jeffery for the thoughtful comments. 

      We are often limited by our beliefs. Unfortunately, many of us have been on the receiving end of a very poor education system. By that I mean, that we have spent way too much time learning useless information. Our learning systems are filled with “limiting beliefs” about ourselves. 

      We also spend so much time doing useless, dumb activities that waste our time and energy. When there is a will, there is a way. I am sure you have heard this expression before and it holds a lot of wisdom. 

      Never believe that there is no time to do something you want to do. Simply get rid of all the “junk” in your life and you will have more time than you can manage. 

      Hope this helps. 

      Never lose sight of your dreams. 


  2. Hi Paul,
    I feel so grateful that I manage to see your post. Your Insights are really eye-opening. Things that surrounds us and us capable with, but most of the time ignored. Thank you for all the insights especially the topic about the meditation and family. Loved It!!!

    I would try my best to acquire such type of lifestyle (To start slow at least).

    Can you give me more suggestions for maintaining such wonderful routine/attitude/hobbies/personalities?
    Every time I do some similar things, I always end up forgetting and missing some if not all that is why.

    I will be waiting for your reply, please.


    • Thanks, Rock, for visiting and reading my post. 

      I am pleased that you find many of these categories inspiring and useful. I suggest that you purchase a small hard-covered notebook +/-  3.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches. These notebooks are small enough to fit in any pocket and are very useful to write notes and messages of all types. 

      I prefer them to “electronic” methods because the act of physically writing down notes is more laborious, although, only slightly. 

      My second suggestion is, to begin with only ONE of these categories that you need help with. Focus on one activity only, and once you have gained some control and discipline with it, you can move on to others. 

      Another suggestion would be to purchase this book. It is called The Four Agreements. It is very easy to read and well worth its minimal cost.

       Hope this helps. Please return if you have any other questions or concerns. 


  3. This is a really excellent list and a great reminder. I’ll admit that I don’t always do all of these – meditation, in particular, is one that I have neglected and need to start doing again!

    Another thing I would add to that list is reading! This may come under education but reading is so important to me and something I try to never skip.

    Thanks so much for this article!

    • Thanks , Joshua, for the comments. 

      If you re-read my blog you will notice that I have included reading. 

      As a matter of fact, I suggest, lots and lots of reading. I personally consider reading to be almost as important as breathing or eating. Please re-read the section under education. 

      I appreciate the fact that you consider these to all be worthy contenders. 

      Good luck with your meditation. Please return with helpful suggestions on meditation. I would be pleased to learn more about this fascinating subject. 


  4. I love this advice. I have always been an early riser, and my most productive hours are in the morning. I wake up at 4 everyday because it is so quiet and I can get so much done before everyone else gets out of bed. I also take advantage of this quiet time to do some meditation and listen to positive affirmations.
    I think this is great advice for everyone!

    • Thank you, Melinda. 

      I am happy that you use many of these in your daily routine. Like you, I awake early and get a good jump on the day. It is always quiet because the regular “people” are sleeping and the late night “party-types” are just going to bed. 

      It’s a real win-win and a very productive time period for me. 

      I am always more focused and more productive in the early mornings as well. 


  5. This information is of great value to me as I have been thinking of ways to make my life more productive. I do almost all of these apart from family, bedtime and rest.

    I had no Idea that, it will have this much impact in making my life more productive. But after reading this article and discovering its importance, I will definitely find a way to incorporate it into my daily life. I am indeed enlightened. Thanks.

    • Thank you, John, for the kind comments. 

      Move to the “front of the class”. You have just discovered 3 of the most important secrets of life. I can almost guarantee your success if you master those 3 skills. Sleep and rest will increase your stamina and enable you to beat the competition easily because most people are simply exhausted from insufficient sleep. 

      Having a supportive family in your corner is number 1. This will motivate you to “walk through fire”. In the end, there is no greater comfort than a warm and loving family to support you. 

      Good Luck and pursue your dreams with passion. 

      All your results will benefit your family. 


  6. I’ll tell you for me personally all of these things really hit home, because these are real life tips that are for everyone, and its exactly what I really need. Its not easy at all, but if you can be successful at these things, these are the rewards of life. Glad this was not some useless tips like just checking your email once a day, thinking that will make a big difference. Thanks

    • Good Day, Andrew.

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed reading this blog and that you find these tips helpful and practical. 

      It’s very important to develop a routine early, and to actively pursue your goals in an efficient and organized manner. 

      Which tip did you find to be the most useful? 

      Which tip do find the hardest to get a grasp of? 

      Effort and persistence will always be useful. 

      Wishing you success. 


  7. Hi

    Great Inforamtion on how to improve your overall productivity.

    Blogs like this are great because we often do at times suffer from procrastination. It is important to not only just focus on one thing and have as much balance as possible.

    Starting the day on the right foot is always great and doing something productive like the gym can spark us into action.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    • Thanks, Chris, for your kind comments. 

      I like how you value the importance of getting your day started on the right foot. 

      All worthwhile efforts require good planning, and what could possibly be more important than our very lives. We are all “works-in-progress” and we need constant reminders to improve ourselves. 

      I have found that developing a routine for my daily life, is the easiest way to stay focused and remain on track. This gives me an easy path to follow as I pursue my goals. Rest and meditation enables me to reassess my previous day’s performance and formulate a better plan for the next day. 

      Which one of these activities to you find the most difficult to maintain in your daily routine? 


  8. This was awesome. The thing I struggle with the most is “bed time” lol. I’ll usually work on some things after work and then waste time on the internet till 10:30 at night. I then wake up early the next day and end up skipping breakfast due to never having time. “Bedtime” and “breakfast” are the two biggest ones for me.

    • Thanks, Dan, for reading my blog and offering these comments. 

      We all have different areas of our daily routines that vary from person to person. When we are younger, sleep and meals don’t seem to matter as much. However, as we begin to mature they do increase in importance. 

      Breakfast can be achieved in 10 to 15 minutes and I’m sure you can find this amount of time in your busy schedule. It is quite important. Imagine leaving for a trip in your automobile without fuel. You should fuel-up BEFORE the start of your trip. 

      Don’t waste your time on the internet … build an online business with all this time. Remember that yesterday’s 24 hours are Gone Forever! 



  9. I find your post very interesting and helpful Paul. Luckily I am a very early riser and agree 100% with you. It definitely adds extra time to your day.

    I cannot start my day without a good breakfast. I like to eat a good healthy wholesome breakfast to last me for a good deal of the day.

    With your basic list in hand and finding a good balance, I am able to be a lot more productive and also happier.

    Thanks again for a great post!

    • Thanks, Rika, for your kind comments. 

      I can tell from your early rising and nutritious breakfast, that you leave the house ready to tackle the new day. Good for you. This is not some special wisdom hidden away in time. These are practical, easy solutions to make our daily activities more enjoyable and productive. 

      You would not leave for an automobile or airplane trip without “fueling-up” before the trip began. Rising early also has many advantages. Except for people that work afternoon or midnight work shifts, people who cannot rise early, usually have no goals or fear and dread the day they will be facing.

      Which one of these concepts do you find the easiest to follow?

      Which one poses the most challenge for you?

      No single individual has invented these concepts. They are all practical methods that have benefited my life immensely, and can benefit others, as well. 

      Continued success, Rika. 


  10. Hey Paul. I myself apply some of these things, such as exercise. I have meditated before but I always fail to remain consistent. I usually meditate once every two weeks, when I should meditate every day. Luckily I always find time to work on my website, and never have to resort to waking up at 5 am. Kudos to those who have that kind of dedication though.

    Thanks for the tips man, definitely will come back to this so I can remind myself to apply them.

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Jacob. 

      Meditation does not have to be performed in the traditional sense. 

      It does not require you to sit in the crossed-legged posture over a bed of nails. lol. 

      Simply find a quite place in the morning to close your eyes and focus your mind on something that has meaning for you. 

      Start with 1 minute. The following day 2 minutes. This is exactly like weight training or running. It must be built up slowly over time. 

      It is, however, a very useful technique to learn.



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