Start Your Own Business Today

Start Your Business Today

take command of your future

Why do so many people want to own their business?

People start new businesses every day. The reasons are always the same. They all have a burning desire to run their own company and to be their own boss. This is not a new phenomenon because people starting and managing companies have been around for thousands of years.

Starting your own business and being your own boss, has never been easier. Before you get all excited, you will have to understand the difference between how easy it is to start a business and how difficult it will be to manage and grow your business. These are two very different concepts.

Start your Own business Today

be your own boss

The first business that I owned was in the construction industry. I still own it today. When my children were born, life changed dramatically. I could no longer afford to be the selfish adventurer that I had been. When I was single, I would work for measured periods of time banging as many overtime hours as I could, save a bunch of money, and take off on some adventure that would expand my knowledge of the world.

Twin boys and their mother made me hit the proverbial wall. Having run long distance as a sport in my youth, I can assure you that this wall is a lot higher and a lot harder. Overnight, I had a new family to take care of. This required more resources and a much more efficient use of my time.

It’s always good to have more options

I was working on a union job at the time. One day I came home from work and I said to my wife, “We’re on strike!” Without missing a beat, she said, Great! I was relieved and surprised by her answer. Then I understood what she meant. She had been brought to take care of herself and she wasn’t one to dream crazy dreams, especially now that she had two boys to take care of.

“Now you can get a real job!” She quickly phoned one of her friends to inquire if her father still needed someone to build his sundeck.  A big smile lit her face as she hung up the phone. Here’s the address, you can go have a look at it now! At that moment, I became an entrepreneur.

I still thank her, for that introduction to the business world. Most of my friends were walking the picket line and then going to the beach for a few hours. I was earning more money than on my good union job and I was my own boss. Talk about win-win!

How much Money will you Need?

Starting your own business doesn’t need to be expensive. It depends on the business itself and how you approach it. The fact is that you have to begin somewhere, and you can begin today! I can show you an online business opportunity that you can explore right now and it won’t cost you a penny.

Look around for up to a week and if you have any questions or concerns, ask away. If it’s not for you, it hasn’t cost you a penny. If, however, you want to become your own boss and you want to be in financial control of your life, do not miss this opportunity.

Start Your Own Business Today

my own business … yes!

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this online business opportunity, do not hesitate to Contact Me for more details.

I would be pleased to help.



  1. Hi there Paul,

    Thank you kindly for sharing your story with us all, it is inspirational and very real!. Thank. Gotta say, you make starting your own business sound very easy and very normal, like something everyone and anyone can do.

    I am myself taking that plunge, but into the online business world. I am absolutely prepared for a bunch of hard work. Any tips that you have are appreciated as you appear to be much more experienced at this than I am.

    • Good Day, Derek.

      Thanks for reading my post and offering your comments. 

      Starting your own business is very easy in today’s economy. 

      Pay special attention to the starting part. Once you make this major decision, the real work begins. Nothing happens by itself and it is now up to YOU to make this business grow. I am happy to see that you don’t mind the hard work. 

      The best tips that I can offer you in the beginning, are the same tips that apply to any business, activity, or sport. 

      Education is the great equalizer. 

      Follow the lessons in their proper sequence. Do not skip any lessons and do not try complete this very intensive course too quickly. Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon. The same applies here. 

      There are no magic bullets or secret formulas to success. Success online is the same as in real life. To start a business, you need a product that offers value to people, so that these customers will want to purchase it. This is how you grow your business and earn a profit.

      1. find a niche, something that you like and will enjoy learning more about and will enjoy promoting.

      2. build your website, to promote this product with content that you produce.

      If you have any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to Contact Me.


  2. Hi Paul, really enjoyed your post.
    Completely agreed with you that people have that burning desire to free themselves from the routine and the orders, the bosses, etc. I think your story is very inspirational and regarding opportunities for success online, you offer the best out there. I have come across many scams before and your knowledge is needed for those who just start to make well-informed decisions.

    Thank you for your contribution

    • Thank you, Pablo, for reading my post.

      The desire to become an entrepreneur must come from inside you. It is very common for people to want to have more control over their lives. Today’s world is making this very clear. We are being trust into a future that is more complex, and yet it offers more opportunity. 

      Educating ourselves to these new circumstances is always the best option. Being in greater control of my finances has helped me to better provide for my family. Owning your own business is not easy and there are many times when doubt and despair will rear its ugly head.

      Owning a business is one of life’s great pleasures and there is no greater feeling than being able to provide for yourself and for your loved ones.

      If it is within you, do not wait too long to begin.

      Once you have started you will understand why.


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