7 Roads to Poverty

7 Roads to Poverty

7 Things You Can Do To Remain Poor


I want to begin by describing the “poor” in my story.

I am not here to berate the 3rd world poor or the unfortunate.

These human beings are born into situations that lack safe drinking water and sufficient food to maintain proper health.

They live in lands that offer little or no opportunities for education and to the betterment of their lives. They are often the victims of endless conflict and war.

I am directing this attack on the people who live in “first world”, civilized countries where opportunities abound.

I am talking about lazy people who just can’t be bothered to get off their asses and do something to improve their lives. They never cease to complain and always have a minute to blame others for their sorry circumstance. They have little understanding of gratitude and even less desire to be grateful.

I am talking about able-bodied men and women who live in civilized democracies, such as Canada, where I live, and are not embarrassed to ask me for “spare change” whenever I enter a supermarket, stop for gasoline to fuel my vehicle, or stop at an intersection while on my way to earn a living.

I find this increasingly annoying, only because it is becoming more and more prevalent.

I am not overly concerned about irritating or offending any of these ne’er-do-wells, here because these people don’t read very much.

I am expressing facts that educated, motivated, “working to earn a living” people, already know, to reinforce the concept so that you do not become one of them.

Do not ask me for spare change! 

I hang on to my “spare change” for selfish reasons.

I use it to feed my children and their parents. I also use it to maintain a roof over our heads, so we don’t have to sleep under a bridge and have to go around begging for “spare change” like you!

I even waste some of my “spare change” to buy books, wash my clothes, and dress in a clean, decent manner.

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss 7 ways why these lazy specimens remain poor and what you must never do if you are a young entrepreneur.

#1 Poor People Have No Motivation

They have no purpose in their lives. They simply have no reason to do anything. They cannot come up with any reason to complete a worthwhile task.

This is, in my opinion, is the best way to prolong and maintain your poverty.

This is perhaps the “magic bullet”. This may even be genetic. I am not quite certain about this one. Perhaps you can help me in the comments below.

How can individuals from the same backgrounds, the same communities, the same educational systems, and even the same families behave so differently?

#2 Poor People Love To Sleep In

These people just love to sleep in. They never get enough sleep.

How can this be possible if you don’t hold a job?

How is this possible if you never spend any time helping people?

How can you be so tired, if you do very little all day?

The real reason they can’t seem to get out of bed is mostly one of motivation. They have no purpose to their day. They have no particular place to go. They have no project to work on.

How can this happen in one of the wealthiest countries on this planet?

#3 Poor People Don’t Read

The easiest way to free yourself from the chains of poverty is to educate yourself.

People who walk the path to success are always reading, attending classes, seminars or have their faces stuck in a book, most of the time.

The super-rich and the well-heeled, spend large parts of their days reading and learning about their craft. Reading is an easy and inexpensive way to learn.

Reading is learning!

It cannot be expressed more clearly.

Ironically, these poor people will not read my blog about these 7 ways to improve their pitiful lives.

A 15-minute visit to any second-hand store in your city or town will reveal hundreds and sometimes thousands of books about any topic that your mind can imagine.

In addition to these inexpensive books that are available for purchase, almost all villages, towns, and cities in my country have libraries where you can spend the entire day filling your mind with thoughts and ideas for free.

These libraries contain thousands of books on the complete body of accumulated knowledge since the beginnings of time.

If your eyes get tired of reading, you can close your eyes and listen to audio books or listen to CDs and other courses that can be obtained for free on the Internet.

#4 Poor People Don’t Manage Their Time Well

Let’s go back to the beginning. They have no purpose in their lives.

If you have no exact place to go to, no reason to get there, … why would you need to formulate a plan for your day?

Everyone that has achieved success, according to their definition, all have a schedule that they follow to get through their day.

Poor people love to watch TV!

They all know what the celebrities are wearing and what they’ve had for breakfast.

They never have time to visit a library, take a course, or volunteer somewhere in an effort to meet new people or help someone.

They are too busy following their favorite celebrity or sports hero.

How many points did they score last night? Where are they in the standings?

Well, that’s an easy one.

They are way ahead of you!

#5 Poor People Eat Poorly

Many of these people are almost always overweight and in bad physical condition.

They always have a few reasons to justify their weight and these are some that you may have already heard.

  • they are “big-boned”
  • they have “hormonal issues”
  • they can’t afford to shop in the rich part of town and they definitely can’t afford those “rich cuts of beef” … ad nauseam

You don’t have to purchase the expensive cuts of beef to main excellent health. Ask any vegetarian or vegan!

This is not a study of the foods you should eat. It is stating the fact that eating well will benefit your health. If you are always tired and sick, this may be an indication that you are on the wrong path to success.

You don’t have to eat “steak and lobster” every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but you do need to eat well-balanced meals some of the time.

You need to educate yourself about food and you need to learn how to cook basic meals. It’s not rocket science, but it is more important for you than rocket science.

#6 Poor People Blame Others for Their Misfortunes

Have you heard how these losers can go on and on for days and days, on how everyone is against them?

Normal people are not against you. Normal people are busy keeping their families and themselves fed, sheltered, and in clean clothes.

We don’t waste our days criticising everything we come in contact with.

We have better things to do with our lives. Here is another free tip.

Shut the fkkk-up once in a while, … so you can learn something!

#7 Poor People Never Save Money

The poor spend most of their money before they earn it!

This is how they get into debt and remain there.

Their paychecks are gone before they receive them.

I can’t place a number on the countless times I have heard this one. When payday comes they run, drive, or walk as quickly as they can, to the nearest bank, credit union, or money-mart.

They just can’t wait to stuff their faces with junk food as they rush to buy their kids sneakers that have wheels and shining colored lights.

Afterall, their credit card rate is only 22% or more, and it’s not maxed-out yet!

Besides, the monthly payment is only $57.00.


I want to abundantly emphasize that this blog is not directed at the truly unfortunate.

I take no pleasure in berating people that live miserable lives through no fault of their own or that are sick and handicapped physically or otherwise.

I want to thank these lazy asses for motivating me to never be like them in any way, shape, or form.

One BIG complaint on my part … I wish they had done it sooner!

Too bad they don’t read my blogs.

My comment box would “be on fire”!

Maybe this is why they feel entitled to my “spare change”?

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions to offer me, or these destitute individuals, I welcome them enthusiastically.

Simply provide them in the space below. I always have time to help young entrepreneurs on their road to success.

Bonus Tip

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, do not emulate these people!

Contact Me, if you feel offended!



10 thoughts on “7 Roads to Poverty”

  1. I absolutely agree with your views.

    It is poor unhealthy habits that lead to people never moving forward with their lives and staying stuck where they are.

    To be successful one must adopt and form new successful habits that will lead them in the right direction, It takes a lot of discipline, determination and motivation to make a change and to keep maintaining that way of life.

    I always fall back on the quote you reap what you sow.

    • Thanks, Flavia, for reading my post.
      Too many whiners and non-achievers are not willing to produce the effort required to achieve success.
      They prefer to sit and wait for someone to do it for them.
      They want everything handed to them on the proverbial silver platter.
      Discipline and determination are excellent qualities to maintain healthy habits.
      Your superb attitude will ensure that success smiles on you!

  2. What does it take to get out of such a horrible mindset or for someone to truly change?

    I ask because I felt like I was exposed to the other way of thinking by accident when I started learning from my first entrepreneur mentor and stopped blaming society for why I wasn’t successful.

    Prior to that, I felt like I was everything you were describing in your article. Nowadays, I am working on a business of my own because I don’t want to blame my employer for why I am not making enough money. I see a lot of people around me do this, even people who make more money than I do. If I want to get paid what I am worth, its on me to do so.

    • Hi, Jessie.

      It seems to require a major shock in your lifestyle “if” you have the entrepreneurial “gene”.

      I am still researching this phenomenon. Some people seem to be born into it. Many people always want to do things for themselves and others just can’t seem to be bothered. This is why I am beginning to believe that certain people are cut to be entrepreneurs and some are not.

      It begins with a deep need inside you to improve your circumstance. This is what I believe separates the business leaders from the employees.

      Hope this helps a bit.

      Thanks, Paul.

  3. Well, you said you refer only to the ones who live in the first world countries, but also in these countries, there are unfortunate people who were born to poor parents in families with many children who lived from hand to mouth, and had to work instead of going to school in order to survive. They couldn’t get a proper education, and so they start already from a very low point. Not all the poor are poor because they are lazy. Also not all the rich ones are rich because they are hard-workers and read and know how to manage their time (some are also very lazy and worthless creatures, but they had the luck to be born to wealthy parents).
    But I do agree with you that there are many lazy people, and blaming others is their favorite sports LOL :D. They don’t understand that there’s no one to blame but themselves. If instead of doing nothing but pitying themselves they would try to get out of the situation – they would do much better!
    I do agree with you that one should read and educate himself, be motivated and try different things in order to succeed.
    Sleeping in and complaining about everything will definitely not bring you anywhere.
    Good points! 🙂

    • Good Day, Anna, and thanks for reading my post.

      You are correct in your view of these unfortunate people who also live in “first world” countries. I do believe that I covered this in my preamble. The post was aimed at people of “poor” character who live everywhere!

      I mentioned in the very beginning, that my intention was not to berate the unfortunate!

      The second part of your comment is in agreement with the views that I have put forward.

      While it is not important that you agree with my views or opinions, is important that my views and opinions not be misinterpreted!

      I have reread the post and still feel that its intent is not to berate the unfortunate!

      I will leave others to comment on it and see if they agree.

      Thank you for your comments and please feel free to rebuttal.


  4. As for “1st Worlders” that someone else mentioned are born up against it…if you are by chance, born in the USA, you have zero excuses other than being indoctrinated by parents and maybe even at school into thinking that rich people were born with it and don’t do anything to deserve it..It may seem that way to poor people because they weren’t there when these people were busting ass and taking risks to claw their way to the top.
    Ask Eminem who came from worse than nothing. Blaming the rich is just another excuse AND by the way, by blaming others, they only give their own power to change away.

    • We agree on these points, Karyn.

      This post was directed only at the “poor of character” who seem to always have time to blame others, the rich, the weather, or their dog and cat. They lack all desire to begin anything. They have no ambition, no goals and no drive to do anything except complain about their sorry lives and how everyone is always out to get them. 

      They waste their days in idleness; eating, watching TV, complaining and getting old and obese. They are never interested in taking courses, seminars, webinars, and the like. Sure they have no money. They spent before they receive it.

      Yet, the Regional Libraries of all cities and towns are full of free books, audio tapes and cassettes that can be loaned out to them free of charge.

      They have no time to volunteer their time to help others who are truly unfortunate. The old, the blind, the disabled and the sick.

      The stories of people rising out of financial poverty through hard work and sheer doggedness are almost proverbial.

      It’s hard to appreciate their stories after you’ve worked so hard all day, sometimes sliding backwards.

      The good lesson that they do leave us, however, is to never become like them.

      Thank you, Karyn, for stopping by to comment on my post.

      It is greatly appreciated.


  5. Hey Paul

    Passionate post you’ve written here. I agree with you.

    People like this never want to take responsibility, always have a finger pointing at someone or something as the reason they are where they are.

    The fact of the matter is we are all born with the equal ability to exercise choice.

    Why is it, that some folks who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and circumstances can rise above their situations and excel?

    Simply, because they chose to do it. We can all do it when we choose to do it. It doesn’t mean it’s easy but it’s always worth it in the end.


    • Thanks Mark for reading my post.

      It’s hard to listen to these complainers for very long. 

      They are very depressing and exude too much negative energy. If they spent less time putting down the rich, watching TV, and eating junk food, they would have more time to educate themselves on the many ways to escape their sorry lives. 

      Time spent helping the sick and the elderly would introduce them to people who would gladly want to change their sour attitudes.

      Their example can truly benefit us to never aspire to join their world.

      Good Luck in all your efforts.

      I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”!



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